Discover the Power of peerScholar in Just Minutes Powerful online pedagogical tool that helps develop your students’ critical and creative thinking skills.

Develops Critical Thinking

Peer Scholar

Making comparisons is a powerful cognitive process. When students consider what makes one piece stronger than another, they enhance understanding. After they critically read, view, or listen to the work of others, they apply their new insights to their own work.

Promotes Collaboration

Peer Scholar

Peer-Assessment with peerScholar puts into practice the 21st century skill of collaboration. And because peerScholar operates in an online environment, students can give and receive feedback anytime, anywhere, and in the safety of anonymity.

Enhances Creative Expression

Peer Scholar

Regardless of the medium used – writing, music, video or art – feedback improves a product. And peerScholar provides students with timely feedback, from multiple perspectives, even when the instructor is unable to respond quickly.

Relevant Across the Curriculum

Peer Scholar

Regardless of the subject, whenever students are called upon to create, peerScholar can be used as a powerful tool to enhance meta-cognition and improve transferable skills.

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