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Create. Assess. Reflect. 

Using the power of formative peer-assessment to deepen learning while also exercising & measuring core skills

Making an Impact

peerScholar has positively impacted over 300K students globably






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at peerScholar, we are driven by the genuine desire to prepare students for success.  That's why we offer the best formative peer-assessment tool at the fairest price.  We are so heartened to share the impact we are currently having.  Thank you to all our partnering institutions!

An (Activity) Type for all Occasions

The core formative peer-assessment process can be used across a wide range of pedagogical contexts, and peerScholar can support them all

All Students work off of the same instructor prompt and go through the process of giving and receiving feedback. A great option for large or very large classes, but also the go-to for classes of all sizes.

Students will see different cases (topics) and can give feedback to peers who did the same case or a different case.

Select from 3 types of Group Work Activities: Groups Assess, Individuals Assess, or Group Member Evaluation

Amplify the Educational Experience 

Even using traditional approaches formative peer-assessment provides a powerful learning experience that deepens concept knowledge while exercising transversal skills.  But when managed by a properly designed Ed Tech tool it allows for the following advantage

Harness the power of formative peer-assessment in any educational context, irrespective of class size or mode of delivery

Provide the repetition of exercise that is critical to skill development by having students assess multiple peers, then learn from the feedback of multiple peers

Optimize the learning process by embedding expertise in the form of micro learning resources.  For example, prior to giving feedback students can watch videos that motivate them to want to learn the skill, and that guide them in terms of what good feedback should look like

When coupled with the use of validated rubrics, peerScholar can measure the skills of interest and recognize the specific skills sets students demonstrate on a digital portfolio, providing a much richer sense of students abilities (Joordens et al.

The social aspects of our technology-enabled formative peer assessment approach are engaging to students, and enhance the community when used in even large and online classes (Paré et al.)

Anonymous feedback supports better learning and, critically, it also provides an assessment context that does not allow gender or cultural biases to act

Our Vision & Research. 

The founder team behind peerScholar are educators, educational researchers, and data scientists.  Our deep commitment to positively impacting education is evidenced by the following


peerScholar is the only formative peer-assessment tool to have direct research demonstrating its efficacy, usability, scalability


peerScholar won the National Technology Innovation Award , and given its alignment with bleeding edge research, it is pushing the envelope on the power alternative assessment


As award -winning educational psychologists, the peerScholar team are regularly asked to give webinars and keynotes promoting effective educational practices and how they can be implemented

Modern UI/UX. Easy to Use.

Unlike many educational technologies, peerScholar is not only purpose-built... but also modern, user friendly, and easy to use. 

Some Amazing Features

Multiple Choice

Allows for a single option to be chosen from a list


Allows scoring of work on a point scale defined by the user

Dropdown Menu

Allows for a single option to be chosen from a dropdown list

Star Ratings

Allows the scoring of work using a star scale defined by the user

Check Box

Allows for multiple options to be chosen from a list

Likert Scale

Allows the scoring of work using a likert scale as defined by the user

Matrix (Rubric) 

Allows for the creation of rubrics that guide student work and assessments


Allows qualitative comments such as positive and constructive feedback

We integrate with all of the current Learning Management Systems (LMS) and Virtual Learning Enviroments (VLE) using LTI 1.3 and APIs.

Connect with us

Interested in bringing the power of peerScholar into your institution? Please reach out to us to start a discussion.  We’d love to hear from you, and even more to partner with you.

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